Episode #174 – Fisher’s Price


Mike Fisher is coming back. Out of retirement! Ready to win the Cup for Smashville! But why? And for how much?

P Mac, Ryan and PON Black Ace Simon join you this week to discuss Mike Fisher and the Nashville Predators. They also talk about the New York Rangers’ putting a plethora of veteran talent and leadership up on the trade block. Where will Rick Nash wind up THIS time?

They also discuss the Sedins looking to extend their careers in Vancouver. If it’s worth it and for how much? They also keep a keen eye on the Calder Trophy race as Mathew Barzal’s point production is heating up, but while Brock Boeser is scoring really really pretty goals for the Canucks sending their fans home happy in inevitable losses?

They’re look at the new measures the new owner of the Carolina Hurricanes is rolling out to win the fans over, create new ones and a much more fan friendly team, and holy crap, look at that, Phil Kessel is second in NHL scoring, how the hell did that happen?

Finally, the boys discuss their favourite games they ever went to in person and look at the the 13 possible names of the Seattle expansion team.


Listen to this week’s 5 Minutes for Paying for our $5+ Patreon backers. The boys discuss Kid Rock (again?), Gudbranson’s future and or replacement and Ryan and Geeta’s evening at Rodney’s Oysters in Yaletown.


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