Episode #167 – Cash Money Karlsson


Drew Doughty and Erik Karlsson are looking for new contracts, and they’re going to get paid. Just a matter of how much and by which team.

P Mac, Dave and Ryan join you this week to discuss the struggling Philadelphia Flyers, who at time of recording had lost 10 in a row. While Ryan builds a case for a positive Flyers rebuild, a team staying the course, Dave brings to light the constant peaks and valleys of the Flyers’ struggles putting together a contending team, then trading it off for parts.

They also discuss the news this week that Erik Karlsson and Drew Doughty made no bones about it, they want to get paid what they’re worth. Is it worth it to put $10 million dollars in to one player? P Mac and Dave give their opinions.

They also discuss the Anaheim Ducks’ trade, where it puts them in the running as cup contenders, the positive and negative affects of being a captain on an NHL team and Derek Dorsett unfortunately calls it a career. We discuss his career in Vancouver.


If you’re a $5 or more backer on Patreon, you can listen to “5 Minutes For Paying”. Ryan discusses the naked neighbour across the way, going to see Lady Bird alone and the boys discuss The Room and upcoming film The Disaster Artist.


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