Episode #166 Unsolved Mysteries In Edmonton Part 2


As the 2017/18 NHL season continues on, everyone’s starting to wonder about those Edmonton Oilers. What the heck happened to the team expected to ride Connor McDavid’s coattails to playoff success?

Dave, P Mac, Geeta & Ryan join you this week to discuss the evolution of Brock Boeser’s rookie season. His Calder Cup (hopeful) campaign and how the rest of the NHL is starting to take note. Can he maintain his goal scoring at an alarming rate, or will the NHL’s toughest defence crack down on him?

They also discuss the ongoing Gudbranson saga, the Vancouver Canucks’ defence and if there is a point in the season when the Canucks should stop focusing on development and worry about a playoff run?

The gang tries to figure out what is wrong with the Oilers. Our second installment of “Unsolved Mysteries in Edmonton” looks at how the team built around Connor McDavid, the problems they have faced this year and whether maybe last year’s success was the real mystery, and not their lack of success this year.


If you’re a $5 or more backer on Patreon, you can listen to “5 Minutes For Paying”. Geeta decorates her artificial Christmas tree while Ryan and P Mac discuss the holiday season, and some unusual gifts Ryan has purchased so far.


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