Pucks on merch!

We’ve got a couple pieces of Pucks on net merchandise up on our TeesSpring Store front!

Usually with Teespring products, they are printed in campaigns (example: if 5 shirts are purchased, the shirts will get printed). In this case, we have no set campaign requirements, so if one person buys a shirt or mug, they’ll get printed!

How about a lovely PON mug. Enjoy your morning coffee, or well concealed alcoholic beverage in the work place with the show’s intro on the front of it:

Or the classic PON crow t-shirt. Everybody’s favourite Pucks on net shirt. It’s sharp, it’s simple, and it will leave everyone asking “What the hell is with the bird?”



And for the Shakespearean and literature enthusiast who listens to the show each week, might we suggest this Puck Sonnet shirt. One day we’re going to write that sonnet! One day!


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