Episode #161 – Carey Price’s Lonely End Of The Rink


Derek Dorsett is scoring more goals than the Montreal Canadiens and the Arizona Coyotes and that is a cause for concern… not for Canucks fans though!

Another full bench this week as Ryan, Dave, Geeta and P Mac get together to discuss the Vancouver Canucks’ up and down season, Derek Dorsett’s newly found offensive abilities, their injured defence and big Jake Virtanen playing the role of Jason King with the Sedin twins.

They also discuss the possibility of a new home ice advantage for the Vegas Golden Knights, as they keep winning the same type of games and their opponents keep looking sluggish and tired for about 45 minutes of the game. Will the Vegas novelty wear off? Or will the Golden Knights make the playoffs thanks to the hangovers of the stars of the NHL.

Finally, the gang discusses the problems in Montreal, their goaltending problems and the inability to give Carey Price some run support. What will happen to that team? Will heads roll? Or will we see another year of the same ol same ol in Montreal?


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