Episode #158 – Into The Great Wide Open – ’17/18 NHL Season Preview


The 2017/18 NHL Season is here and there’s a full bench to break down the new rules in the NHL and which teams to watch this season!

Ryan, Dave, P Mac and Geeta discuss the Pucks on net 10, ten teams to watch through out the season for good, bad, and ugly reasons. Who will make a charge for the Stanley Cup? Who will remain in the cellar? And which team will go from the outhouse to the penthouse?

They also discuss the new offside coach’s challenge rule changes, as well as how NHL referees will be calling slashing this season. A problem that plagued the league last season, especially in the playoffs.

Finally, Jaromir Jagr has a new home in Calgary! Will the beloved grizzled veteran help put the Flames over the top this year? Or just help sell tickets, #68 jerseys and mullet wigs?

The song played at the end of this episode is ‘Wildflowers’ by Tom Petty off his 1994 solo album ‘Wildflowers’. He passed away Monday, October 2nd 2017 shortly after this episode was recorded and it’s hard to find someone who’s life wasn’t affected by Tom Petty’s music.


If you’re a $5 or more backer on Patreon, you can continue listening to this episode on “5 Minutes For Paying”. Ryan discusses American Vandal on Netflix and why you should binge watch it. He also shares a tale of encountering some degenerate youth drinking in an alley last week.


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