Episode #157 – Cam Kneely

NHL pre-season is in full boring swing, but all people want to talk about is kneeling during the anthems and visiting the White House.

Ryan, Dave and Geeta gather this week to discuss a couple things. Ryan asks if Alex Edler is actually very good? And puts a request into the fancy stats community to help him figure this out. They also discuss the pre-season games in China and whether they were successful or had much of an impact.

They discuss Joffrey Lupul’s Instagram controversy and if this long term injured reserve is a new way NHL teams can thwart the cap? They also discuss Shane O’Brien’s time in Vancouver and the ongoing problems in Colorado (mainly signing Nail Yakupov).

Finally, the gang discusses the Pittsburgh Penguins’ decision to visit the White House and the unusual timing shortly after The Golden State Warriors decided not to go (or were uninvited based on who you ask). They touch on anthem protests, and give their own opinions on what is disrespectful in the world of pre-game anthem protests in sports right now.


If you’re a $5 or more backer on Patreon, you can continue listening to this episode on “5 Minutes For Paying”. Geeta discusses a date and Ryan talks about his weekend of CFL football and MLS action, which one was MUCH better… and PON’s fancy new mixer (paid for by you, the Patreon backers!)


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