Episode #156 – Keep Your Head Down Kid!

PON returns to the podcast airwaves for their 5th season! #PUCK5onNET – with a full bench no less! Ryan, P Mac, Dave & Geeta gather at Miss Reddy’s palatial estate to talk all about the NHL preseason and upcoming 2017/18 NHL season!

They discuss Brock Boeser’s impressive start to the preseason for the Vancouver Canucks, and look at the leaky young defence they put out against Las Vegas. It’s starting to look like all those veteran signings by Jim Benning are starting to make a bit more sense. They also discuss Jake Virtanen’s impressive offseason training, his new positive outlook and equally impressive health coming into training camp.

They also discuss the games in China between the Canucks and the Los Angeles Kings and the positive and negative affects it will have on the game and the players.

They also look at Joe Sakic’s Matt Duchene problem, the new goaltending tandem in Calgary and the Flames’ ongoing problems with the City of Calgary and their desires to get a new rink on the cheap!

Finally, the gang gives some bold 2017/18 predictions. Will the Canucks make the playoffs? Will the Blackhawks crash and burn? Only time will tell!

And as an added bonus, this week’s 5 Minutes For Paying is tacked on to the end of this episode! We produce an additional segment for Patreon backers after every episode. Like what you hear? Want additional content? Maybe some PON merch?


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