Episode #155 – Boys (and Geeta) Of Summer

The season finale podcast is here! It’s a full bench at Geeta’s palatial estate and the gang is talking about free agency, the Canucks and the impending bliss that is summer in Vancouver!

Patrick Marleau is a Maple Leaf and the gang is divided on the signing. Who likes the addition of a veteran presence? Who thinks it’s too much money and too much term? You’ll have to listen to find out! Both make good points!

They discuss the Vancouver Canucks sensical additions of Sam Ganger, Michael Del Zotto and Anders Nilsson in goal. Some reasonable contracts for the Canucks during their rebuilding years. What will Sam Ganger mean for Bo Horvat and Brandon Sutter? Will he play with the Sedins? and will the Del Zotto and Nilsson signings prevent the Canucks’ prospects from being rushed to the show? We sure hope so!

They also discuss Eddie Lack’s trade to Calgary, Philadelphia signing whatever goalie they come across first and keeping up with their over twenty year tradition of signing the worst possible goalies to tend the net in Philly.


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