Episode #152 – Sid The Kid Catfishes Smashville

Back to back champs in Steel Town, an incredible feat to say the least in the Cap Era, but the Pittsburgh Penguins did it!

Ryan, Dave and P Mac gather at Dave’s apartment this week after watching game 6 of the 2017 Stanley Cup Final. The Penguins go back to back for the first time in the NHL in twenty years. Sid wins another Conn Smythe trophy (back to back, notice a trend) and the Penguins do it with a ramshackle defence once again!

They discuss PK’s comments, tweets, antics before game 5 and just what type of affect he had on Crosby and the rest of the Penguins. Subban was shut down by the team when it came to media availability immediately following Game 5, so perhaps this was a problem behind the scenes.

They also discuss Brian Burke’s interesting comments about the Calgary Flames’ desires for a new downtown rink and the backlash from City Hall and the Mayor of Calgary.

They go on to discuss the failed Abbotsford Heat, another hockey project paid for with public money and Dave suggests that maybe, just maybe, Sidney Crosby is one of the top three players of all time!


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