Episode #151 – Mouthwash & Catfish

PK’s got mouthwash for Sid the kid and the Nashville Predators fans are the stars of the 2017 Stanley Cup Final

A FULL BENCH is on the podcast this week. They’re discussing the Sidney Crosby/PK Subban bad breath nonsense and Dave gives his opinion on PK’s gift bag of dental hygiene products for Sid before game 4. Is it wise to give the Penguins’ bulletin board material? Or did the end result of game 4 suggest that PK can get away with it and not affect the Predators?

They also discuss the rumours of Alex Ovechkin being traded, possibly to Calgary and which teams will stomach some bad contracts in exchange for draft picks.

They talk about the Vancouver Canucks getting Columbus’ 55th overall pick in exchange for hiring John Tortorella, discuss who will be their goalie(s) next season and if… or when Thatcher Demko makes his NHL debut during the 2017/18 Canucks season.

Finally, the gang jokes about Kevin Weekes time in Vancouver, discuss the possibilities of trading Chris Tanev and maybe picking up a bad contract of their own!


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