Episode #149 – Ottawa Snoozefest

Ryan, Geeta and Black Ace Cole join you this week to discuss the ups and downs of the Eastern Conference Championship. From Guy Boucher’s unconventional tactics pulling his goalies, Marc-Andre Fleury losing his net to Matt Murray… again and quite possibly for a final time as the expansion draft looms.

They discuss the dull trap played by the Ottawa Senators and how affective it has been through two and a half rounds of the playoffs… but then the Penguins appeared to have awoken.

They also discuss throwing items on the ice. From octopi, to catfish, mallards and BC Salmons, there’s a tradition of playoff tomfoolery. They also discuss the uproar caused by Vancouver bar ‘The Pint’ offering free wings to people in Edmonton Oilers jerseys during their playoff run earlier this month.

They’re also discussing how quiet it is on the Canucks from. With the rookies in town training with Canucks coaches and a month until we learn who’s been exposed in the Vegas expansion draft, it is a dull time for Canuck fans. But they discuss the positives of the Larscheiders, the Vancouver Canucks supporters section that debuted earlier in the season at Rogers Arena and the positives they bring to the fanbase during a darker time.

Finally, they discuss Ryan Getzlaf’s $10,000 fine for use of a homophobic slur to an NHL referee. They discuss the magnitude of the word and what the penalty means for the league going forward.


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