Episode #144 – Dart Guy & The Curse of Brooks Laich

“Aren’t they supposed to be good?” The common question hockey fans are asking themselves watching the first few games of the 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs

Ryan, Dave and Geeta join you this week to discuss Zack Kassian’s resurgence in Edmonton. Playing like his boyhood idol, Todd Bertuzzi, he is finally making the impact everyone believed he had the potential for. But a rough time in Vancouver and Montreal caused a bit of a derail of those plans and aspirations.

They also discuss the problems the Washington Capitals are facing taking on the red hot, young as hell Toronto Maple Leafs and maybe that Brooks Laich trade last season caused some bad karma for the Capitals.

They talk about the problems in Chiacgo right now and Dave discusses the problems facing good guy “players’ coaches” in the playoffs. Guys like Bruce Boudreau, AV and Gully, while the angry snap shows are showing success!

Finally, the gang discusses Dart Guy, all things Maple Leafs and the fantastic success in Pittsburgh and their tremendous NCAA scouting.

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