Episode #142 – Matthew Tkachuk’s Wartime Efforts

Matthew Tkachuk’s ruffling feathers, Willie D is criticising Goldobin’s grit and Uncle Gary is playing hardball with the IOC!

A full bench joins you this week after a hiatus due to trips to Fiji and or the interior of British Columbia. Ryan shares some stories of the road and the gang discusses the Canucks’ lost season’s final few games.

They discuss the saga of Matthew Tkachuk. Going against the grain as a rookie, he is upsetting a lot of the veteran players for running his mouth, playing a hard yet so far honest game and going after Drew Doughty. The gang is also gearing up for a potential Battle of Alberta first round series and getting very excited!

They touch on the incredibly exciting Toronto Maple Leafs and how each game they play seems to be must see TV. Will they last in the playoffs? Can the young as hell squad be able to nail down a 60 minute effort? Or will they become a team of next year or the year after?

Eddie Lack’s scare vs Detroit comes up. Ryan, Geeta, Dave and P Mac are all relieved he is okay and discuss the possibilities of him returning to Vancouver next season.

Finally, the gang rants on the NHL’s decision to not go to the 2018 Winter Olympics. Is this a done deal? or the latest in a long, drawn out game of chicken?  They also discuss the best bar toilets in Vancouver. The answers will surprise you!

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