Episode #135 – Iggy and the Colorado Stooges

Yet another blizzard has hit Vancouver, there’s a full bench on the podcast this week and Ryan, Geeta, P Mac and Dave are talkin’ Colorado, Hitchcock (Ken not Alfred) and a whole lot more!

They’re talking about the finally healthy Florida Panthers, Ryan’s playoffs fringe team of the week. The additions of Huberdeau and Barkov to the line up, the Panthers look set to make a run for the post season and a moral victory for the fancy stats folk!

Ryan also comes loaded with TV ratings. The American NHL teams with the highest regional ratings, the biggest change from last year and the teams with viewership dropping like flies and what this could mean to quite possibly the most boring Stanley Cup Final ever, Columbus vs Minnesota. They also look at the Vancouver Canucks’ regional TV ratings on Rogers Sportsnet and look at comparable ratings of other TV shows.

They also talk about Ken Hitchcock getting fired by the St. Louis Blues, their transition to Mike Yeo and just how and why this change went down. What were some of the problems in St. Louis and where will they go from here?

Jarome Iginla and the Colorado trade bait are a big talking point this week. With the NHL trade deadline expected to be a complicated and busy mess, the Avalanche are looking to rebuild, and which NHL playoff contenders are ready to sell the farm for the likes of a Matt Duchene or an old man Iginla?

Finally, they talk about the slumping Canucks and NHL teams’ LGBTQ ambassadors and Brad Marchand’s comments about NHL locker rooms welcoming openly gay athletes (don’t worry, it was very positive!)


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