Episode #130 – Mike Smith and Strip Club Coffee

Happy New Year from the entire bench on this week’s show! Ryan, Dave, P Mac and Geeta gather in 2017 in the midst of a Vancouver salt crisis like no other! Why? To talk about the world juniors and the Canucks winning games of course!

For those not living in Metro Vancouver, we can assure you, our salt crisis and inability to shovel snow off sidewalks and walkways is INCREDIBLY real.

Ryan and Geeta discuss watching most of the gold medal game between Canada and Team USA at the No. 5 Orange. How we feel about such an important game ending in a shootout and our thoughts on problems with attendance in Montreal.

P Mac shares his tales of covering the Arizona Coyotes shutout loss to the Vancouver Canucks and just how dark the mood is surrounding the team after interviewing several players post game. What is wrong in the desert? Is this it for Mike Smith? Can he get moved to a contender for a chance to win it all?

The gang shares their thoughts on the Canucks’ win streak (at time of recording 5 games, now six games) and the negativity of said streak with Canucks fans. Should we hope for nothing but tanking and loses? Or can a fun, confidence boosting win streak with breakout performances from Sven Baertschi and Bo Horvat something that is just as good for the team’s development?

Finally, they talk about outdoor game overkill and the Vancouver snow and salt shortage that is plaguing the region. Got any salt? They’re buying!

Referenced in the podcast is the time Ryan played on a media team against some Vancouver Canucks alumni. A goal against Garth Butcher, chirping Garry Valk, diving on Jack McIlhargey and of course, getting laid out by Dave Babych. Catch all those moments in this story featured on Go Vancovuer! in 2012 produced by our own P Mac On The Street!


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