Episode #121 – What’s The Frequency, Auston?

The NHL regular season is finally here! Auston lives up to the hype (for at least one night) and McDavid continues to impress. Meanwhile, the Canucks win two in a row with a lot of new faces in the roster.

Ryan, Dave and P Mac get together this week to talk all about the first few games of the regular season. They look at Evander Kane’s terrifying looking fall into the boards the subsequent injury. They also talk about the Oilers and Flames polar opposite starts to the season.

They talk Canucks. From Etem clearing waivers, to the positives that came out of the first weekend of the season. From a stable defence, to a great game from Ryan Miller, there are some positives for sure to start the year for the Canucks.

They also talk about PK Subban’s first game in Nashville and his first goal celebration of the year. They also look at the shaky play of Brian Elliot and ask who the worst starting goaltender in the NHL is. They also try to figure out Sidney Crosby’s concussion mystery.


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