Episode #118 – Team Europe’s Satanic Verses

Team Europe somehow reinvents themselves, and the team built by Satan heads to the World Cup of Hockey finals to play Team Canada in a best of three!

It’s a full bench this week. Ryan, Dave, P Mac and Geeta get together to talk all about the drastic turn around for Europe, the amazing collapse of Team USA and their checking and grinder 2004-style roster and the dominant Team Canada. Will Europe give Canada a run for their money? Or will the Canadian dominance continue across another series?

They take a look at the unfortunate injury to Clarke MacArthur during a Senators training camp scrimmage. A completely senseless and stupid and preventable injury. They also talk about Erik Gudbranson lining up with Ben Hutton on the Vancouver Canucks’ second defenceman unit and look back at Alain Vingeault’s time as the head coach in Vancouver.

Finally, the gang talks about the new FOX show ‘Pitch’ about a female pitcher who makes it to the Major Leagues to pitch for the San Diego Padres. They discuss how far away we are from women entering the top 4 team sports in North America and what type of roles they would have. They also have some fun time with PON Mail in ‘Correspondence’ to close out the show!


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