Episode #112 – Wherever Lucic May Roam

Pittsburgh has the edge on San Jose in the 2016 Stanley Cup Final, but it’s 30 degrees in Vancouver, BC, so the ‘Nets might be a little distracted.

Ryan, Geeta, Dave and P Mac, THE FULL BENCH!, join you this week to talk about the upcoming NHL Entry Draft, the Combine and the solid showing from the BCHL in top ranked prospects.


Where is Milan Lucic going to wind up? Los Angeles? Edmonton? Both seem like they want to pay him what he wants, but is it worth it? Does he have the longevity to make it worth LA or Edmonton’s while? Do their GM’s even care?!

The gang looks back at the Gudbranson trade, P Mac chimes in to talk about asset management and the picks that were given up to get the big D-man. It was a steep price to pay. Will it pay off?

Paul also brings up a good point regarding the Bonino for Sutter trade, and what type of role Sutter would play on the Penguins if he was still on the team.

Finally, the gang looks at the new Florida Panthers jerseys, gives their thoughts on the wardrobe change and suggests who’s due in the NHL for a change.

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