Episode #111 – It’s Whatcha Want!

Jared McCann gets traded for a giant defensive beast from Florida, just what the Canucks needed. Oh and the Stanley Cup Final is here!

Ryan, Geeta and Dave are with you this week to talk all about the Jared McCann for Erik Gudbrason trade, which saw three 2016 NHL Draft picks moved as well. They talk about the positives and the negatives of the trade, but all agree, Gudbrason was what the Canucks needed…big angry defence.

They also talk about the LA Kings taking the ‘C’ off of Downtown Dustin Brown, who their next captain will be and what their plan is for the American captain, who you know, won them two Stanley Cups as their captain. Will he get bought out? Traded? Or put up in the expansion draft?

They also look at the Tampa Bay Lightning, praise the tough love process by Yzerman and Cooper and figure out just what their two troubled centres will do or where they will go.

Finally, the gang gives their Stanley Cup and Conn Smythe predictions, talk about the Bachelor and even those lil scamps, the Toronto Raptors!

Oh, and a little snippet of Nautical Disaster by The Tragically Hip off the top. We’re thinking of you, Gord!


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