Episode #110 – International Incident

Marc-Andre Fleury doesn’t get the job done for the Penguins and the Canadians win gold again at the World “Championships”. But nobody really cares.

IMG_2823Dave and Paul enjoying their fantastic post-podcast brunch at Distillery in Yaletown

Another full bench on Pucks on net! Geeta, Dave P Mac and Ryan get together on the stat holiday to talk about the Memorial Cup and P Mac’s anger and rage about his given team to root for, the Red Deer Rebels.

They talk about Team Canada’s very young roster at the IIHF World Championships and the impressive effort they put forth. The same can not be said for Finland in the final or Team USA through the entire tournament based on the roster they sent.

They look at Fleury and the Penguins tough game 5 overtime loss and what it will mean for the rest of the series? Are they done in the water or can Matt Murray win it for Shawn Michaels?

They ask the question if Yzerman could/would trade Drouin after having one hell of a playoffs and talk about the upcoming World Cup.

Finally, they talk about some love from the porn industry and make plans for next year’s World Championship


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