PON Road Show 01 – Kadri Gets Paid

With Ryan away on the road covering the WHL Playoffs, we put out a mid-week show from the Road. Featuring PON’s black ace Stu Walters (TSN 1040, WHL on Shaw), Ryan and Grant, they set up to record as the Blues and Blackhawks head to overtime.

They look at the new big six year contracts in Toronto for Kadri and Rielly, what this means for the older Leafs and the pro’s and con’s of these long term deals. They also look at Henrik Lundqvist’s eye injury in Game 1 vs Pittsburgh.

They also talk about Arizona Coyotes’ firing their GM, what’s needed to get them over the top and out of their rebuild mode and the new coach and GM in Ottawa.

The Canucks’ offseason comes up again, the Sedins’ fantastic leadership and just what is needed to help develop the young kids and turn them into the leaders and professionals that they are.

There’s also a surprising amount of talk about Eric Brewer!


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