Episode #97 – Black Skates And Heartbreak

Canucks bring back the classic skate jersey for one night only, and for one night only, they make the Maple Leafs look like an NHL team.

Ryan, Geeta and P Mac are here this week to talk about the erratic Vancouver Canucks. Following a tough loss on Hockey Night in Canada to the Toronto Marlies, you begin to wonder what the team can or will do in the two weeks before the NHL Trade Deadline.


They also look at Nazem Kadri’s actions that got him fined $5,000 by the league and compare it to Zack Kassian’s similar threat to Steven Stamkos.

Speaking of Stamkos, the rumours are swirling!! Where is he going to sign? Buffalo? Tampa Bay? Toronto or OMG OMG OMG Vancouver? There’s rumblings, cap space and a pesky ownership that wants a super star wearing blue, green and white. Where will he go?

Tough bench interviews w/ Stu Walters on the WHL on Shaw, Evander Kane’s lonely snapchat and much much more on this week’s podcast!

There’s a contest on this week’s podcast. email us the secret word that Geeta says on the podcast to win a Bo Horvat Skate jersey shirt. email us at pucksonnetca@shaw.ca to enter!


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