Episode #96 – Shut Your Hall of Fame Pie Hole

Pavel Bure

We have several questions, comments and concerns about retired jerseys and the Hockey Hall of Fame this week.

A full bench of PON’sters, Ryan, Dave, Geeta & P Mac are here this week to talk about the struggling Montreal Canadiens. Can anything be done to help salvage their season? Will the coach or GM go? And what will happen to Carey Price? Shut down for the season or keep awkwardly skating gingerly in that tracksuit?

On the Vancouver Canucks front, the gang talks about Jim Benning having no problems waiving old, underproducing players if he can’t get a good enough trade for them. They also talk about how many jerseys could be retired in the coming years, and quite possibly before a Stanley Cup is won.

They also talk about Ryan Miller’s 3rd period struggles and if they need to get experimental and throw Jacob Markstrom in as a closer. They also talk about the allegations and rumours regarding Jake Virtanen’s weight and what the team is doing in result of this.

Really fun podcast this week!

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