Episode #93 – John Scott, Last of The Goons

The John Scott controversy has finally come to an end in the NHL. The only question remains is what jersey he will wear to the skills competition?

Ryan and Dave are joined by Stu Walters (TSN 1040, CTV, WHL on Shaw) to talk about the Vancouver Canucks’ most recent injury, captain Henrik Sedin who will miss a few weeks after a hit from behind. They look at the alleged West Coast bias and the inconsistency of the NHL’s suspensions and Department of Player Safety.

The guys look at the John Scott All-Star situation, from the trade to Montreal, to being sent down to the AHL and the NHL’s final decision to allow him to play. It’s a last hurrah for the dying breed of hockey players known as the goon and this is John Scott’s chance to go to the game and celebrate the goons and enforcers of years past.

They also look at the Canadiens’ fall from grace, the Maple Leafs’ goaltending problems and give their picks for Hart Trophy winners at this point in the season.


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  1. Guys, this video plays every time the Preds score a goal. If anyone’s performing live during the all star game, I hope it’s this hockey fan.


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