Episode #87 – Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kyte!

Ryan is alive and the podcast is back on the air, but the long NHL season has it’s down periods and late November is certainly one of them.

Ryan and Geeta get together this week to talk about Ryan’s gallbladder surgery and subsequently all the hockey he’s watched this week while recovering, the handsome Dallas Stars and the floundering Anaheim Ducks, who are just one former 2011 Vancouver Canuck away from success. Christian Ehrhoff perhaps?

Dhiren Mahiban (New York Times, VICE Sports, The Hockey News) joins us from Toronto to talk about the Maple Leafs season, their goaltending situation and the unfortunate injury of James Reimer. He also touches on some potential trades and the curious case of Frank Corrado.

They also talk about the twitter tiff between former NHL goon Jim Kyte and Montreal Canadiens’ assistant captain Brendan Gallagher, who’s honour and integrity was questioned by Jim. They look at how the game has changed and how Gallagher came out looking like gold.

Friend of the show Brady Strachan (CBC News) joins the program as well. As our resident Winnipeg Jets aficionado, he looks at the problems facing the Jets right now and if they will resign Ladd and Big Buff, or move ’em for sexy sexy picks at the trade deadline. He also chimes in on the other Canadian teams who are all facing hard times this year.


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