Episode #74 – Help Me, Ronda!

The Chicago Blackhawks have a dynasty and Ronda barely still has her Arizona Coyotes.

Ryan and P Mac are here this week to break down the Blackhawks’ third Stanley Cup in six seasons, their unquestioned dynasty and the mounting injuries of the Tampa Bay Lightning in the Stanley Cup Final.

They also look towards draft day and free agency for Jim Benning and the Vancouver Canucks. What type of player they’re looking for at 23rd overall, who could stay and who could go before draft day on June 26th.

P Mac also shares his thoughts on the Arizona Coyotes ongoing problems, the enthusiastic Yotes Superfan Ronda Pearson and her tasing the Glendale Mayor…for charity.

Finally, they look at Alexei Yashin FINALLY being off the New York Islanders books. He hasn’t played on Long Island since 2001, but because of one of the worst contracts in NHL history, his buyout was still being paid to him 14 years later. P Mac and Ryan also talk Mike Milbury, worst GM in NHL history?


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