Episode #46 – Mountain Dew Sponsored Hockey Sweaters

Advertising on NHL uniforms? No Thanks

Renaming the NHL Awards? Dave’s okay with it, but Geeta and Ryan don’t share the same view on this week’s podcast.

They get together to talk about the big OHL tinder scandal and avoid at whatever possible to discuss the Canucks’ succes on the road. They don’t want to draw attention to it, and let them keep doing what they’re doing.

They also compare the attendance of the Florida Panthers compared to the QMJHL, discuss the Canucks’ plans for Bo Horvat, Carter Ashton’s big suspension, witness a hhideous injury on Monday Night Football and introduce a new segment:

Pucks on net Dump ‘N Bump.

Two weeks ago, they slagged The Oilers and they went on a tear.
Last week, they picked the Hurricanes to get it together, the ‘Canes went 5-0-1.

Who do the Pucks on netters pick to give them the old Dump N Bump to get them back on their winning ways? Hint: Everything is bigger in Texas!


*Correction note: Jake Marchment is Brad Marchment’s newphew not son.

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