Episode #21 – Jim Robson & John Ashbridge Part 1


The long time voice of the Vancouver Canucks, Jim Robson and Vancouver Canucks and Giants public address announcer John Ashbridge join the podcast this week.  They sit down with Geeta, Sheila, Dave and Ryan to talk all about hockey in Vancouver over the years.


From the old Western Hockey League Vancouver Canucks, to the failed expansion draft bid in 1967 and the protests that followed from Vancouver hockey fans, Jim Robson tells it all without missing a beat.


Stories of streakers at the Pacific Coliseum during Hockey Night in Canada to Andre The Giant at the Penthouse looking to beat up Jim, the first half of this interview is fantastic!

Jim also talks about a memorable night when the Philadelphia Flyers hopped the glass at the Coliseum and took on some fans, as well as talks about the troubles they faced calling the 1994 Stanley Cup Finals from deep inside the balcony in Madison Square Garden surrounded by New York fans in blue shirts!

Part 2 of the interview comes next week!


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