Episode #19 – The Arizona Nordiques

Dave & Ryan are finally back together holding down the Pucks on net podcast this week! Joined by good friend of the show China Dave sits down with them on Superbowl Sunday to talk about the week in hockey.

Lots of banter around the Phoenix Coyotes becoming the Arizona Coyotes and the slow week around the Vancouver Canucks that was punctuated by a lot of former Manitoba Moose Vancouver Canucks players finally making their returns to Winnipeg.

P Mac in the Street skypes to talk about a rather quiet, bed ridden week on his part as well.

China Dave gives us the first installment of his series on playing beer league hockey in China. The innagural story involves a big showdown between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Montreal Canadiens in mainland China (he was playing the role of PK Subban).


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