Episode #17 – Let’s Talk About Torts, Baby!

Sheila, Geeta and Ryan get together to talk about the biggest story in hockey this week: The Calgary Flames/Vancouver Canucks Line Brawl. Just two seconds into the game and ten game misconducts later, one of the strangest hockey games in recent memory began.

Dave is unable to join us this week. He suffered an unfortunate injury during his beer league game on Friday night and lost a couple teeth. We’re wishing him a very speedy recovery and hope he’s back in no time!

P Mac on the Street joins us (literally from the street) via Skype to give his take on the events on and off the ice and brings just how John Tortorella accessed the visitor’s dressing room at Rogers Arena into question.

The excitement dies down briefly and the girls chat about the sad break up of Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie. We also talk about the ongoing Stadium Series and outdoor games happening across North America. Will people care by the time the Heritage Classic comes to Vancouver on March 2nd?

We shift back to the great Canucks/Flames Line Brawl ’14 and talk about newcomer Kellan Lain and just about every aspect of the events of Hockey Day in Canada.

Really fun episode. ALL CHICKS ON DECK!


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