Episode #12 – The Inevitable NHL/NASCAR Outdoor Game Merger


We’ve got a full table inside the Mountain View Room  this week on Pucks on net. Ryan, Dave, Geeta and Jeff all sit down and chat about the week that was in the NHL.

With no set topic this week, Jeff tells about witnessing a heart attack during the lingerie half time show at the shark club during Monday Night Football, and the gang talks about the opposite directions the Edmonton Oilers and Vancouver Canucks are headed.


We dive deep into the Comrie furniture empire that is The Brick and Geeta dishes some NHL Hollywood gossip!

Finally, Ryan tries to make some sense of the countless outdoor stadium games this year in the NHL. Is it a Winter Classic?  A Heritage Classic? A Stadium Series? How many games do the Rangers play as the road team? It’s all very confusing, it’s like discussing hybrid icing or the new NHL Playoff bracketing. Jeff also comes up with the perfect way to save NHL hockey in the sun belt!

A very fun and loose episode this week, our Seinfeld episode to say the least, it’s about nothing but everything all at the same time.


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