Episode #8 – A malfunctioning laptop and the rest of the 92/93 Senators Season!

This week’s episode begins with the warm familiar voice of Vancouver Canucks and Vancouver Giants public address announcer John Ashbridge with a public service announcement and warning regarding the Pucks on net podcast.

Sheila finally returns to the podcast after a brief hiatus and joins Ryan and Dave to discuss what’s going on in the world of hockey.

And the answer, frankly, is not much. A bit of a slow weekend this week, that was until the big Thomas Vanek and Matt Moulson trade happened a few hours after recording this episode, but none the less, we chat about the likeable Calgary Flames and the many things not to like about the Buffalo Sabres.

Afterwards, we chat about one of the worst teams in NHL history, the 1992/93 expansion Ottawa Senators. They won a measly 10 games that year. They assembled a lunch buck journeyman team and purposely lost in order to draft high the following year.

The gang also chats about bad halloween costumes, HBO’s Girls and Ryan’s recent trip to Moose Jaw.

All this and more on a very special episode of Pucks on net.


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  1. In this episode we learn that careful and deliberate enunciation is of the utmost importance when uttering the words ‘Black Hawk’


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