Episode #5 – Six Degrees of Ed Belfour

The first week of the NHL Season was too much for us too handle here at Pucks on net, thus the slight delay in recording this episode.

Sheila is missing this week, so friend of the show Geeta joins Dave and Ryan to co-host the first Pucks on net of the 2013-14 NHL Regular Season.  We chat about the new mandate to make Sidney Crosby a regular Joe six pack and chat about new friend of the show, Alex Auld.

We discuss Rick Nash’s six degrees of separation with Ed Belfour and then dive into our discussion about the delicate psyche of the goaltender. We mostly just chat about our favourite crazy goalies of the past, The Mighty Ducks and the Geeta and Dave find the six degrees of seperation between Ed Belfour and Curt Schilling.  An exceptionally fun and lose conversation this week with more Willa Ford than the average person can handle!

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